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How the Calculator Works

The KuneKune Coat Color Calculator was designed out of necessity of predicting the color of coats based off of public historical data from different KuneKune Registries.

Included in the results is the probability of the top three coat colors from your specified Sire and Dam’s color as well as how many times that combination has been recorded publicly. 

In the first iteration of the calculator we currently have over 44,000 registered KuneKune Pig combinations that have been built into our tool.

Currently our dataset leverages all registered KuneKunes within the AKKPS herdbook as well as data from both Sire and Dams of each offspring to determine the probability of the offspring color. If you have additional questions regarding the tool or the data feel free to reach out to us directly: Kristen@KuneKunePigsForSale.net

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