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Recent Litters of Piglets

Male White/Brown
No Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Jenny


AKKPS# 36466
MC# 992000001712152
COI: 2.82%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
No Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Haunene
AKKPS# 36471
MC# 992000001711944
COI: 4.03%
Date of Birth: 3/18/2023
Female Ginger/Black
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Tarutaru
AKKPS# 36464
MC# 992000001711940
COI: 3.06%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
Male Black/White
No Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Momona
AKKPS# 36491
MC# 992000001712155
COI: 5.79%
Date of Birth: 2/9/2023
Male Ginger/Black/White
Double WattleD
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Jenny
AKKPS# 36473
MC# 992000001712160
COI: 2.82%
Date of Birth: 3/27/2023
Female Ginger/Black/White
Double Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Jenny
AKKPS# 36474
MC# 992000001711943
COI: 2.82%
Date of Birth: 3/27/2023

Common Kune Questions

How Much do KuneKune Pigs Cost?

When buying from reputable KuneKune breeders like us, expect to pay between $800- $1,600 per pig. Price depends on factors like: Age, Gender, Coloring, Pedigree and Bloodlines. We offer volume discounts to our customers – buying 2 or more piglets for breeding stock reduces the price to $700 each. Our years of experience breeding KuneKunes is reflected in our reasonable pricing and compassion for helping new breeders. 


If you would like to learn more about how much does a KuneKune pig cost we have resources available such as our KuneKune Pig Cost Calculator to estimate total costs for your desired herd size including housing, vet care and feeding. Buying quality piglets from us ensures proper health and socialization.

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How Long Do KuneKune Pigs Live?

The average lifespan of KuneKune pigs is 10-15 years, though they can live longer with proper care. According to veterinary research, the KuneKune breed has a typical lifespan of 12-14 years when kept as pets or livestock. The oldest recorded kunekune lived to 21 years of age.



Lifespan varies based on factors like diet, exercise, genetics, and disease prevention. Providing a balanced diet, vaccinations, and regular vet checkups can help maximize a kunekune pig’s lifespan.



With love, attentive care, your pigs can remain healthy and energetic well into their teens.

What do you feed KuneKune Piglets?

For the first 4 weeks, piglets nurse milk from their mother. At 3-4 weeks old, we introduce soaked piglet grain or transitional feeds like oatmeal. Provide milk until 6-8 weeks old. At 8 weeks we transition completely to phase 1 piglet feed with a 16% protein custom non-GMO grain. We supplement with pasture grazing, leafy greens, fruits and healthy fats.



It’s important to follow a proper feeding schedule based on age for healthy growth. Always keep in mind that Kunekune piglets have different nutritional needs than adults and be mindful of those decisions.

cute kunekune piglet on grass running towards camera

Do KuneKune Pet Pigs Make Good Pets?

Kunekunes make great pet pigs, especially for families with kids. Their gentle, affectionate nature and moderate size suits them well for handling. Kunekunes actively enjoy playtime and bonding with owners. Their intelligence means easy leash and trick training. As breeders we health-test and socialize all our kunekune piglets to be friendly. They need minimal care when properly housed and exercised. Please understand they are not a mini pig breed if considering them as pets.

KuneKune Pig Size - How Big do KuneKunes Get?

Kunekune pigs typically stand 24-30 inches tall and weigh 140-220 lbs. Height and weight depend on gender, diet, genetics. Breed standards state ideal size is 28-32 inches for boars, 24-28 inches for sows. No “mini pigs” , “micro” or “teacup”  Kunekunes exist – avoid dishonest breeders.

With good care, Kunekunes reach healthy breed standard size. Read more about ideal KuneKune Pig Size and Weight.

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Are KuneKune Pigs Worth It?

We’ve been raising KuneKune pigs for several years. Based on our experience, KuneKunes are absolutely worth owning for small farms and homesteads. Their friendly temperament and easy care make them ideal for beginners and families. They thrive outdoors year-round thanks to their thick coats and hardy nature. They’re well known to produce exceptionally flavorful heritage pork perfect for artisanal charcuterie. 


We only sell health-tested, well-socialized, and piglets that will love you. We also offer mentorships, guidance on housing, feeding, and care. 

Our Farm KuneKune Pigs

kunekune piglets

We’re a small, family-owned farm with 40 acres of rich soil devoted to raising some of the country’s finest KuneKune Piglets for sale. We’re passionate about our registered KuneKune pigs, we take their health and management to heart.

Our piglets enjoy a specialized diet of boutique Non-GMO grain, transported over 500 miles to ensure they receive the best nutrition possible. Our farm KuneKune pigs are always rotationally grazed on lush grass, spending their days contentedly foraging and rooting.


Have questions about properly feeding and caring for pet KuneKune pigs? Contact us! We’re happy to share our expertise.


Check our availability for upcoming litters of healthy, well-socialized piglets, as we’re committed to providing high-quality swine for those who share our enthusiasm for these charming pigs.

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