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Litters of Piglets

Female Ginger/Black/White
Double Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Jenny
AKKPS# 36474
MC# 992000001711943
COI: 2.82%
Date of Birth: 3/27/2023
Male White/Brown
No Wattles
Sire: Tonganui
Dam: Jenny


AKKPS# 36466
MC# 992000001712152
COI: 2.82%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
Male Ginger
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Tarutaru
AKKPS# 36461
MC# 992000001711939
COI: 3.06%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
Female Ginger/Black
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Tarutaru
AKKPS# 36464
MC# 992000001711940
COI: 3.06%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
Female Ginger/Black/White
Double Wattled
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Trish
AKKPS# 36486
MC# 992000001711949
COI: 3.38%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023
Male Ginger
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Jenny
AKKPS# 36472
MC# 992000001711942
COI: 3.39%
DoB: 3/27/2023

Our Piglets & Our Promise

kunekune piglets

We developed the first registered Kunekune pig marketplace designed to directly connect ethical heritage breeders countrywide with future piglet owners like you; focused on health, humane animal standards and balanced loving dispositions.


Over the last several decades conservationists have been nurturing these docile grazing swine from the brink of extinction to where it is today.


Forging a bond of love between generations while allowing our family, stewarding rare bloodlines and the charming pigs, enriching our lives through devoted care meeting their needs.


That insight fuels our strict selective recommendations of solely reputable farms following exceptional protocols optimizing piglet and full grown sow wellbeing through vigilant genetics disease testing, balanced diets emphasizing natural grazing foraging freedom, clean comfortable housing provisions tailored to their instincts, and positive early socialization supporting innately affectionate, unaggressive natures.


Check out our available healthy Kunekunes, enhanced from birth through exact handling.


We update new specialty breeder listings weekly. We encourage you to read our extensive catalogue of articles that are updated consistently.


Our Goal is Simple: We simplify selection – you focus on preparing a loving forever home.

Common Kune Questions

What considerations should expecting caretakers know before committing a decade or longer to these charming hooved friends? We break down pricing, personality, nutrition, housing and health essentials frequently asked about owning KuneKunes.

How Much does a KuneKune Pig Cost?

Kunekune piglets generally cost between $500-750 for registered breeding stock, under age one not yet fertility tested falls within this range too. Proven mature sows and boars with offspring top over $850+.

Gender, Size Goals, Color and Bloodline rarity escalate pricing upwards. Our transparency includes bulk discounts on multiple piglets simplifying herd expansion ambitions.

If you would like to learn more about how much does a KuneKune pig cost feel free to read our article and market update for Winter 2023 Pricing.

Are Kunekune Pigs Good to Eat?

Kune Kunes are  absolutely good for pork. They represent perfectly sustainable homegrown meat producing pigs converting grazing, household food scraps and garden surplus into gourmet artisanal charcuterie and freezers full of flavorful roasts benefiting family nutrition. Their substantial fat ratios deliver supremely tender, succulent pork. Their docile handling manners also make them easily manageable livestock for small acreages.

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Can Kunekune Pigs Be House Pets?

KuneKunes make friendly house pets or on small farms thanks to their:

  • Stable midsize frames
  • Trainable intellect 
  • Peaceful Unaggressive Dispositions (despite formidable tusks)
  • Minimal care needs relative to larger commercial swine.

They’ve inherited an ease of handling from Asian ancestral wild boars renders them docile and overtly affectionate when properly socialized young.

Given conscientious preparations securing adequate indoor-outdoor access and nutrition, Kunekunes flourish for years blessing homesteads as beloved family pigs.

How Many Piglets Will a Kunekune Have?

KuneKune piglet litter sizes range between 6 to 8 piglets. However, unmatched first pregnancy attempts may yield upwards of 12 piglets. Litters with only 1 or 2 piglets remain very rare.

Litter counts primarily depend on sow age, size, nutrition level and genetic background. Once mature over 2 years old, tested Kunekune mothers can regularly birth healthy abundant litters potentially doubling herd sizes annually.

Learn more about Breeding KuneKune Pigs.

cute kunekune piglet on grass running towards camera

How Big do Kunes Get?

Per breed size standards, full grown Kunekune pigs typically measure 24-30 inches tall at the shoulder with average weights range between 140-220 pounds depending on gender, with males reaching slightly heavier and taller dimensions than females at maturity. 

No genetically “mini” micro KuneKunes under 100 lbs exist – rather all robust stocky pigs reflect unchanged ancestry. Support optimal growth through balanced nutritional provisions. We cover this in our article in depth about KuneKune Size.

What is COI and Why It Matters for KuneKunes?

The Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) measures genetic relatedness between two pigs by calculating percentages of shared relatives. Elevated COI over 25% risks compounding recessive gene issues. Responsible specialty breeders limit interfamily crosses


You should always ask for COI data before purchase ensuring prospective herd additions passed scrutiny and they align with your current herd and your goals.

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How Long Do KuneKune Pigs Live?

Under attentive proper care, the Kune Kune Lifespan is typically 10-15 years.

Maximum reported lifespans reach ages over 20 years old, while neglect may shorten average longevity closer to 8 years old.

Providing high-quality nutritional options, vaccinations, exercise opportunities, foraging environmental provisions, genetics screening, and proactive veterinary monitoring from youth through maturity helps ensure your treasured KuneKunes thrive toward peak geriatric ages through attentive empathy.

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