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KuneKune Pig Cost Calculator

Pig Cost Calculator Instructions:

  1. Select your herd specifics:

    • How many KuneKunes you are feeding, number of months on grain vs hay.

  2. Grain and Hay Specifics:

    • This is the most important step: Determine the weight in grain you are feeding, and select if it is per pig or for your whole herd. WARNING: If you do not select this button correctly your calculations will be significantly off. List off than your price per pound of feed. See the sample calculation below to determine your feed cost.
    • Cost per Square bale: Note we feed our pigs 1 flake per 4 pigs per day during winter of fresh alfalfa. The calculator is designed specifically with that in mind. If you feed your pigs more than 1/4 flake each than take that into account with your costs and some manual calculations may be necessary on your own end.

  3. Miscellaneous herd-wide Annual Expenses

    • We’ve included a section specifically for Vet Emergency Fund as we like to keep about $500 on hand in a just-in-case situation. However utilize these bottom two sections as you see fit. Their expenses will only be added to the annual costs of what to expect to spend. You may be expecting a big barn project this summer or winter and want to add an extra $3,000 to your budget. Place it here that way it doesn’t impact your monthly costs.

  4. Calculate and Enjoy!

    • This may be a saddening time for some, or a gleeful time for others. We just hope you enjoyed using our calculator. If you liked it please share it with friends, feel free to contact us with any questions about the calculator. If you would like a custom built calculator to share with your customers please contact us. Happy to adjust the code for your own use!

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