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Gilt Piglet

(AKKPS 36485)

Female Cream
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Trish
AKKPS# 36485
MC# 992000001711948
COI: 3.38%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023


Registered KuneKune Gilt for Sale

Distinguished by her creamy coat and charming double wattles. Born on February 11, 2023, and proudly bearing the AKKPS# 36485, this gilt boasts an impressively low coefficient of inbreeding (COI) of 3.38%, ensuring a robust genetic profile.

Sired by the renowned Andrew, known for his significant contributions to the breed’s genetic diversity, and out of Trish, a lineage celebrated for its strong conformation and mothering abilities, this gilt carries forward the best of both bloodlines. She is microchipped (MC# 992000001711948) for secure identification and comes from a lineage that includes notable ancestors like Tonganui and Jenny, which are well-regarded in the KuneKune community for their desirable traits and historical significance.

This registered KuneKune gilt is an ideal candidate for both breeding and show, promising to bring not only genetic vigor but also the gentle and friendly disposition KuneKunes are loved for. She is well-suited to small-scale sustainable farming setups, requiring minimal intervention while grazing and displaying excellent social behavior with other farm animals.

As a potential buyer, you will be investing in a gilt that not only enhances your breeding program but also supports the continuation of healthy and genetically diverse KuneKune populations. Whether you are looking to expand your herd or start with a strong foundation, this gilt represents an opportunity to embrace quality, history, and sustainable livestock management.

For more details or to schedule a viewing appointment, please contact us. Invest in genetics, temperament, and the future of your farm with this exquisite KuneKune Pigs for Sale.

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