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Gilt Piglet

(AKKPS 36486)

Female Ginger/Black/White
Double Wattled
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Trish
AKKPS# 36486
MC# 992000001711949
COI: 3.38%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023


KuneKune Gilt Piglet for Sale

Introducing our prized KuneKune gilt for sale, a perfect blend of the esteemed Andrew and Trish bloodlines. This gilt is a testament to the careful and thoughtful breeding practices at our farm, ensuring the preservation and propagation of these unique KuneKune bloodlines.

Her sire, Piney Creek Farm Andrew 2 (Butch), is a gentle giant hailing from the revered Andrew line. Known for his laid-back personality, Butch has passed on his calm and gentle nature to his offspring, making them a joy to raise and handle.

The dam, Piney Creek Farm Trish 35 (Sidewinder), is a recent addition to our farm. Despite the Trish bloodline’s reputation for low fertility, Sidewinder is an all-star mom, effortlessly farrowing and nurturing her piglets. Her wonderful demeanor and strong mothering instincts are traits we value and aim to propagate in our KuneKune pigs.

This KuneKune gilt for sale is a perfect blend of her parents’ best traits. She embodies the gentle nature of her sire, Butch, and the strong mothering instincts of her dam, Sidewinder. This makes her an ideal choice for those looking to add quality, temperament, and unique bloodlines to their KuneKune breeding program. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of KuneKune history.

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