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Sales Policy


  1. In case of inconsistency in sales materials, day-of-sale announcements take precedence over supplement sheets and sale books. Supplement sheets take precedence over sale books.

Cash Sale

  1. All sales are for cash unless credit arrangements are made with the seller prior to sale.

Buyer’s Risk at Time of Sale

  1. Risk of loss passes to the buyer once sold. The seller is obligated to care for the pigs until loaded for shipment or 24 hours after sale, whichever is sooner.

Identification Responsibilities

  1. Sellers must ensure each KuneKune pig has a readable ID mark (e.g., ear tag, microchip) matching its registration.
  2. Buyers must check ID marks upon possession and report discrepancies immediately.
  3. Nicknames used must be accompanied by the official registered name and number.

Certificates of Registration

  1. Transferred certificates of registration for each KuneKune pig must be furnished by the seller within 45 days of sale or full payment.

Artificial Insemination (AI) Service Certificates

  1. AI Service certificates are the buyer’s responsibility unless specified by the seller.

Health Guarantee

  1. Sellers guarantee KuneKune pigs are eligible for interstate shipment as per regulations.

Conformance with Registration

  1. Guarantee that KuneKune pigs are registered in accordance with the rules of the AKKPS or agreed upon registry.
  2. Guarantee that pigs conform to their registration certificates.
  3. For females exposed to multiple sires, ensure all sires have parentage markers on file.

Pedigree, Performance, and Genetic Information

  1. Guarantee accuracy of pedigree, performance data, and genetic information in sales materials.
  2. Absence of genetic factor designation does not confirm non-carrier status.

Sex Guarantee

  1. No guarantees are made regarding the sex of offspring unless otherwise specified.

Breeding Guarantees

  1. All pigs are guaranteed breeders, except specific exceptions like age, injury post-sale, or negligence by buyer.
  2. Specific age and conditions for breeding guarantees are defined for KuneKune pigs.

Semen and Embryos

  1. Semen sold as is unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Embryos are sold as is, with seller responsible for disclosing additional known information.

Privileges of Return or Adjustment

  1. Adjustments and refunds limited to the original selling price.
  2. All claims must be made within 180 days of sale.
  3. Conditions for return or adjustment specific to KuneKune pigs are detailed.

Genetic Material Disclosure

  1. Disclosure required if the seller retains cloning-capable genetic materials.

Genetic Conditions Disclosures

  1. Mandatory disclosure of any positive test results for genetic conditions or potential carrier status recognized by the AKKPS or agreed upon registry.

Optional Genetic Condition Guarantees

  1. Scope and duration of genetic condition guarantees are at the discretion of buyer and seller.


  1. These terms constitute a contract between buyer and seller.
  2. AKKPS or its representatives are not liable for any sales.
  3. Sales terms governed by the laws of the state where the sale occurs.
  4. No warranties beyond those stated, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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