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(AKKPS 36484)

Male Cream
Double Wattles
Sire: Andrew
Dam: Trish
AKKPS# 36484
MC# 992000001711947
COI: 3.38%
Date of Birth: 2/11/2023


Cream KuneKune Boar for Sale – AKKPS# 36484

Introducing one of our standout KuneKune boars, boasting double wattles and a rich lineage that combines the best traits of the Andrew and Trish bloodlines. Born on February 11, 2023, this young male is not just a feast for the eyes but also a genetic treasure with a low coefficient of inbreeding (COI) at 3.38%, ensuring a robust lineage.

Key Features:

  • Breed: KuneKune
  • Color: Cream, a sought-after shade that highlights the breed’s charming appearance.
  • Wattles: Double wattles, a distinctive feature that adds to his allure.
  • Bloodline: Sired by our Andrew boar Butch and dammed by our Trish Sidewinder, he carries forward a lineage known for its friendly temperament and robust health.
  • Registry: Fully registerable with AKKPS, ensuring traceability and recognition in breeding circles.
  • Health: A low COI of 3.38%, indicative of a genetically diverse background that minimizes health risks.

Ideal for breeders looking to enhance their herds with a boar that combines beauty, health, and excellent lineage. This KuneKune boar is not only a potential champion in the show ring but also a valuable addition to any breeding program focused on sustainability and quality.

Contact us now to secure a cornerstone of your breeding future. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a part of this prestigious lineage!

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